Rebecca Dawson returns to share a deeper lens on what many of us are experiencing through some of the major themes of her recent book ‘FU – The Return...View Details

Despite our best efforts to ‘wipe our feet’ of our personal life on the doorway before we go into work, the reality is that this does not occur and th...View Details

After the big event

More and more of us are undertaking amazing challenges in life – such as an Ironman triathlon, marathon, climbing Everest or for me very recently, swi...View Details

Many will tell you the importance of reducing stress, lowering anxiety and calming your nervous system, but how is that journey experienced in real li...View Details

In a complete change around, I was interviewed by Shaun Nannup, Si Lapping and Mark Booth. The focus - the wisdom gleamed from the journey of 4 years ...View Details

This week I enjoyed another great deep conversation into philosophy with Dr. Alan Tapper. Alan has lectured philosophy at Curtin University, informed ...View Details

This week I welcome back Mike Dyson onto the podcast, who talks about his continued work with men through his company Good Blokes Co. It's been three...View Details

This week I had a great conversation with Perth-based comedian Bonnie Davis, who is better known for her alter ego, the comedic character Famous Sharr...View Details

This week I explore theology and our relationship with something bigger than ourselves with Dr. Jim Cregan, former lecturer of theology and Notre Dame...View Details

When considering interior design, many of us will be aware of different styles whether it's in our home or the spaces we move through. We may be famil...View Details

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