Many will tell you the importance of reducing stress, lowering anxiety and calming your nervous system, but how is that journey experienced in real life and what are some of the points along the way as you unwind where you’ve come from?

In this brutally honest conversation, I reflect on my journey over the past 3 years of practising Trauma Release Exercise Tremoring with Richmond Heath, Founder of TRE Australia. Together we explore the changes, impacts and growth over time that this simple but powerful practise has had on my nervous system and way of being in life.

From a start point common to many - a state of high anxiety hyper-vigilant functioning in the world where I genuinely thought “I was ok” - to a place of being where I can begin to meet the complexity of the outside world with an inner existential trust and truly begin to grow.

It’s certainly not all blissful states of ease and grace serenely passing through life because, as you will find out, that concept is a response to an early point on the journey.

Why did I record this conversation?

I am no different to millions / billions of people who heavily wear the anxiety, depression, despair and stress resulting from the everyday living in the current human experience – but does it have to hang so heavily upon us? I believe not, but what is the journey ahead and what can be done about it?

I believe more conversations like this need to happen so that we can chart the journey ahead and normalise it into our collective way of being.

Link to online Richmond’s TRE course:

Link to Richmond’s High Anxiety Functioning Video:

Learn TRE Tremoring in Western Australia with Fran Fuller:


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