Following on from the highly acclaimed episode #164 with Nick Duffell about the reality and dynamics of Boarding School Syndrome, this week I traced t...View Details

This week I explored grief - the very natural but overlooked process that affects all of us - with Victoria Volk who specialises in coaching and suppo...View Details

Measuring your heart rate variability, or HRV, may be one of the most important measures that is easily accessible to you in terms of our health, fitn...View Details

We are all aware of the negative impacts that are happening to our surrounding environment and nature. But how do we begin to acknowledge that within ...View Details

This week I enjoyed a far-ranging yarn with Tyson Yunkaporta – member of the Apalech Clan, Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Knowledge at Deakin Universit...View Details

How can you make sense of the problems that face us when our capacity to make sense of the problem is the problem itself? This week I explored sense m...View Details

This week, survival expert and instructor Mike House returns back to the podcast to talk about resilience. Spurred to investigate resilience by the re...View Details

 This week I had the great pleasure of speaking with Anthony James, who is the host of the Regen Narration Podcast which focuses on the regeneration o...View Details

If you regularly attend or participate in an ‘alternative healing modalities’ or are drawn to searching further ‘within’ then the content of this epis...View Details

This week’s conversation with Roslyn Snyder is all about patterns – the patterns that underpin the human experience and patterns of nature. Roslyn tak...View Details

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