Dreams - we all have them, whether wild or wacky, recurring nightmares, vividly exciting or highly sexual.

But how often do you pay attention to your dream? How often do you legitimise them? How often you actually talk about them and share them?

This week it was absolute pleasure to talk to Debbie Ford, dream therapy psychotherapist, about this rich source of connection to psyche

Debbie explains what dreams are, their underlying dynamics and mechanics and just how beautifully subjective they are in their very essence. She gives an insight into how she works with clients and their dreams and provides some wonderful examples to really set some context of how we can begin to work with our own dreams.

Fascinatingly, we also discussed on a bigger level of what she's beginning to see across her client’s and their dreams at this time in this COVID disrupted time – messages from the collective psyche.

This is a truly subtle, beautiful, yet really powerful conversation with a wonderful lady who is really amazing at holding space for something that our own ego so often sweeps over or puts to one side.

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