This week I talk with Stephanie Gorton who founded House of Hobby, which creates the perfect space for ladies to express their creativity and femininity.

Stephanie bravely shares how it was through the rather painful realisation that she herself had no hobbies of meaning in her life that lead her on the journey of self-discovery which resulted in the concept of House of Hobby.

She explains how her goal is to produce a creative focused space for women to be vulnerable and real about where they are in life, a space where they can feel connected, understood and part of a community.

Stephanie also talks through how she took House of Hobby from a side hustle in November 2017 to quitting her job 8 months later to go full time on it.

Male or female, there’s lots to learn from on many levels in this conversation with this beautifully down to earth lady who’s superbly passionate about women being Real and being the best that they can be as individuals.

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