This week I enjoyed a far-ranging yarn with Tyson Yunkaporta – member of the Apalech Clan, Senior Lecturer in Indigenous Knowledge at Deakin University and author of the book Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World (which he’s suggests you shouldn’t buy but borrow from a friend).

In this conversation we cover a lot of ground including the impact of an extraction economy, the rise and fall of civilisations and where we are in the that cycle, a deeper history of Britain, ask where the grown-ups have gone, our trajectory from the printing press, systems, the 1000 year clean up and much more.

I also learnt a huge amount about Western Australia, seeing it from a different perspective.

Tyson mixes his wealth and depth of knowledge together with his great sense of humour and openness to share to make for a great yarn that will take you on a journey.

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