This week a have a far ranging and timely conversation with Opera singer, tantra, yoga and meditation teacher Andrea Ross.

In this conversation Andrea begins by talking about the full journey of her training as a singer that also spans time away from singing to include yoga, meditation, tantra and intuitive healing – this is important as it sets the context for the rest of the conversation which provides a much wider and expansive view of the current Corona virus situation.

We go on to discuss and explore the potential positive impacts of the Corona virus on our society, why on an level the disruption is very needed to restructure society and the need to surrender to the ensuing chaos (divine feminine) in order to move through it; as well as many other fascinating viewpoints.

One thing is for sure, if you’d listen to the contents of this conversation before 2020 you may well have easily overlooked it and dismissed it, but now it all seems to make sense.

And finally – start choosing love over logic x

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