Travel plays a key role in individual healing and expansion, and Australia has for a long time been a popular destination for such travel. With this in mind, this week I was able to connect into that with Allie Delury & Pat Bonner, a couple from America who are exploring our country in a small orange van for 12 months.

Having both served time in the US Air force in demanding role, these guys aren’t just bumming out. Pat is refining his stand-up comedy skills across Australia while Allie creates travel content for companies back in the US.

This conversation get real very quickly and we cover a lot of ground, from the check to identity from leaving the military and avoiding the draw of the ‘shoulds’ of the life are pressed upon us through to the relationship learnings from living in the crucible of a small van environment and need to understand and article personal needs to those closest to you.

Throughout this story, Australia and its people play a key role as the muse and the backdrop to their journey and travels. Often Pat and Allie come back to the opportunities to enjoy real human connection as they explore the land and culture – either through conversation or laughter.

Pat and Allie are just wonderful and lovely people both individually and as a couple

Whether you have travelled and want to reconnect to that part of you, or you’re thinking about taking the first step out there, this is a must listen to.

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